The Blue Oceans Initiative is SSI’s free ocean conservation available to dive centres, divers, and non-divers alike. This program is for people who want to commit to the environment and be fulfilled as ocean guardians.

The program offers education about a range of conservation topics from coral reefs and sharks, to plastics and marine protected areas.

The Blue Ocean’s Initiative also ensures you know that we as a centre are doing our part in protecting the environment and support conservation efforts through our centre operation.

Blue Oceans responsible diver code

We‘re all responsible for protecting our aquatic resources. With the SSI Responsible Diver Code, we want to make everyone aware of the environmental problems from the start. We want them to think critically, and take positive action whenever they travel and dive. That’s why the code is displayed in all our digital training materials, as an easy reference any time they read our content.

Environmental Awareness

Dealing with the Underwater World

Responsible Use of Resources

Avoid Garbage

join us to become a more responsible diver

Beach Clean - Ups

Blue Oceans Beach Clean 2

Perfect Buoyancy Program


Ecology Programs

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