Try Freediving


Try freediving with Atlantic Scuba Adventures in collaboration with Freedive Northern Ireland. With no heavy equipment, freediving lets you move underwater with ease. It is the purest form of diving and gives you an incomparable feeling of oneness with the ocean. In the Try Freediving program, you will go freediving in confined waters and discover why free divers truly love their sport.

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Unleash your potential and discover new worlds with a try freediving experience.


4 hours


Are you a passionate snorkeler / surfer but not sure yet if freediving is for you?
Join our half day freediving intro course, you will learn basic freediving techniques to enable you to increase your water skills and confidence

The course includes:

• 1 breathing and relaxation session
• 1 dry breath hold session
• 1 theory session
• 1 open water session

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Everything’s included: Equipment, hot private showers and changing rooms.

Must be minimum 12 years old.

Course Itinerary

We will start at around 9.30 am by learning to breathe correctly for freediving, how to use your breathing to relax and you will try a dry breath-hold. We follow with a short theory session to talk about the most important safety-related issues associated with freediving. In the open water we will practice descending on a line, while working on equalisation, streamlining and relaxation.

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